Turkey To Go street cart roasts State Fair food all summer


A State Fair staple is now open for lunch on Nicollet Mall, serving slow-roasted turkey drumsticks and giant turkey sandwiches.

You can't miss it--the Turkey To Go truck is in a prime spot at Eighth and Nicollet. (At the State Fair, the turkey booth is next to the all-you-can-drink milk stand.)

Staff at the food cart assemble ice cream sandwiches made from scratch.
Staff at the food cart assemble ice cream sandwiches made from scratch.
Michelle Bruch

"For 52 years we've been at the fair, and we wanted to take the next step," said Turkey To Go operator Drew Levin.

The Minnesota Turkey Growers Association owns the street cart, and all of its turkey was raised and processed here. Believe it or not, Minnesota is No. 1 for turkey production in the U.S., raising 45 million turkeys every year.

"Idaho has the potato, Wisconsin has cheese, and we have the turkey," Levin said.

The street cart's turkey sandwiches look similar to a pulled-pork sandwich, with turkey that is, roasted and pulled.

"It's extremely succulent and juicy," Levin said. "It melts right into the bun, and ultimately into your mouth. It's one of the hottest items at the fair."

Levin is also serving made-from-scratch ice cream sandwiches, assembled with a choice of ice cream flavors sandwiched between a choice of chocolate chip, peanut butter or sugar cookies.

Levin is partly to thank for the city's new street food. He served on a city committee that studied the idea of bringing food carts downtown.

"I represented the small guy," Levin said. Small businesses can't necessarily afford $100,000 investments to fix up a downtown lease spot, he explained.

Starting this week, Turkey To Go will set up at 10 a.m. and "go as long as we can," Levin said.

If you don't work downtown, you can also see the cart parked outside Twins games. Turkey To Go will have a spot at Sixth & Hennepin to operate before and after the games.

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