Tryg's Restaurant Will Close at the End of the Month


Tryg's American Restaurant, formerly Nora's, will call it quits after 10 years in business. Both restaurants were owned by the Truelson family. The land has reportedly been sold to real estate developers.

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When the brand new Shea-designed building went up in 2005, in the footprint of its predecessor Nora's, Tryg's couldn't have been more different. If Nora's was the apron-wearing grandma in varicose-vein hose, then Tryg's was the slick, All-American boy parking his little black Beemer sideways in the executive parking spot.

In other words, out with the old, in with the new.

Nora's was best known for its 4 p.m. early-bird special supper club and buffet dinners appealing to the blue-haired set. Plus, martinis. It was classic, if a bit fuddy duddy, and well, son of Nora, Tryg Truelson was ready to take over the family business -- in the form of a vanity project.

It opened to positive press under the direction of then buzzy local chef Phillip Dorwart, now of equally buzzy catering company Create.


But after a handful of years, Dorwart took his leave, there was a little thing called the recession, and the place was never able to regain its original flashy reputation as a place to go for truly adept updated takes on American classics.

The bar area maintained a relatively regular crowd, but the expansive dining room sat mostly empty most nights of the week.

Tryg's will remain open on Friday and Saturday nights for the remainder of the month.

The restaurant sits on coveted real estate overlooking Lake Calhoun.

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