Try a New, But Familiar, Fall Seasonal From Steel Toe


The changing of the seasons is always a time for beer fans to get excited, with new recipes hitting shelves and old standbys returning for a limited time. This week we're sipping Steel Toe's Beltline Brown Ale, which falls somewhere in the middle: This is its second go-around but the recipe has been modified from 2013.

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This year's Beltline Brown Ale has a deeply roasted aroma and a malty complexion. While it pours brown, the soft, foamy white head carries into the beer itself. Beltline, named after a St. Louis Park thoroughfare, is a flavorful fall beer with a nutty but soft mouthfeel and a sweet caramel finish.

At 5.0% ABV, its low alcohol content and general smoothness make this an easy beer to enjoy, and it's that smooth and easy-drinking feel that sets it apart. Many browns are higher in carbonation and bring a little more bite to their finish. Beltline is a calm and relaxing drink to sip by the campfire or under a cozy wool blanket.

"For 2014 we lowered the alcohol content so it is super drinkable yet full of wonderful flavors," says brewer Jason Schoneman. "This beer has a super clear fermentation profile and is a truly balanced beer with the malt and hops playing off each other beautifully."

The seasonal beer is in limited supply, currently only at the taproom and McCoy's. There are plans to ship it out to additional bars and restaurants in the coming weeks, with expected availability lasting around four to six weeks.

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