True Stone Coffee Roasters opening cafe in former Lowertown Salty Tart space

Experience exudes.

Experience exudes. Courtesy of True Stone Coffee Roasters

You know what we never get sick of around here? A cup of good coffee and some demonstrated wisdom.

Luckily, True Stone Coffee Roasters is picking up what we’re putting down, if you know what we mean. 

As of tomorrow—Friday, January 24—the longtime workhorse of the local restaurant and cafe scene will open their first public-facing retail location in Lowertown St. Paul’s former Salty Tart space.

Founded in 2003, the company has spent over a decade serving the industry itself, mostly from behind the scenes. Their full-scale roastery has been in operation since 2007, and they’ve been certifying brewers and baristas from around the country after launching a Premier Training Campus for the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) in 2017. 

“This is an opportunity to show off our own unique vision of what a cafe can achieve in terms of quality, atmosphere, and service,” says Tyler Liedman, True Stone’s director of operations. 

Their coffee bar will serve precisely caffeinated concoctions from a spankin’ new Slayer LPX espresso machine, with fresh-roasted beans whirred to perfection from Mahlkonig grinders. For those less inclined to imbibe bean water, they’re stocking the finest Tea Source selections featuring eastern- and western-style service options from Tea Source. 

In an utterly heartwarming nod to past partnerships and good things gone, True Stone is keeping the tradition of the Salty Tart alive by retaining one their former cooks to carry on the majority of the former's brunch menu. (True Stone once worked as the Salty Tart's roaster.) Accompanying these brunch offerings will be pastries from newcomer Rachel Anderson of Vikings and Goddesses—known for incredible pies and sundry other delights, plus breads from Chris Sarles’ Lowertown Bakehouse.

If it sounds like True Stone's cafe could be a hearty blend of history and freshness, wrapped into one smooth and intriguing package… well, that might just be True Stone’s years of experience showing.

Meet your new caffeine haven.

Meet your new caffeine haven. Courtesy of True Stone Coffee Roasters

True Stone Coffee Roasters
289 E. Fifth St., St. Paul