Truce Juice Bar now open in Uptown

Fresh, cold-pressed craft juices now served in Uptown
Fresh, cold-pressed craft juices now served in Uptown

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If you've been in a deli or high-end grocery store on the east or west coast recently, you might have noticed more raw blended fruit and vegetable juices nestled in with all the coconut water and chia seed teas. Bottled cold-pressed juices - like the ones from the popular BluePrint Cleanse line - are cropping up everywhere, slowly replacing the Odwalla smoothies and Naked juices that introduced the healthy juice movement to the masses years ago, only to be usurped by less sugary, more raw, and fresh-pressed products that are becoming the new standard. 

Now the trend is finally hitting the Midwest, and two Uptown entrepreneurs are doing their part to help the idea really take hold. If the popularity of craft beer and cocktails in the Twin Cities is any indication, Truce may just be the next big thing in beverages.

So what is the difference between getting a pressed juice and just throwing a bunch of produce into your Jack Lalanne? Truce (I assume a portmanteau of true + juice, because other juices are liars) juice is made by way of a hydraulic press which co-owner Blaire Molitor tells the Southwest Journal allows the juices retain a higher level of nutritional content. The idea is that because the process uses zero heat - not even residual heat from a juicer's engine or say, rotary blades from a blender - the enzymes of the produce are not damaged which makes a more pure, raw, concentrated product. 

Truce's aim is to press all juices fresh each morning, which means they will only have a three-day shelf life once bottled, and priced per ounce. The shop will offer their own juice cleanse line as well as juices designed to be enjoyed individually for everyone from the juice noob to a Paltrow pro. 

Truce Juice Bar
1428 W. 32nd St., Minneapolis
612-825-1684; Truce website

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Truce Juice Bar

1428 W. 32nd St.
Minneapolis, MN 55408


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