Trout Brook Vineyard wine mob slideshow

Frontenac grapes ready for harvest

You've heard of a

crop mob

, but how about a wine mob? On Saturday, September 25, we checked out the Trout Brook Vineyard wine mob in Hudson, Wisconsin, on a tip from

Fair Food Fight

's leader/blogger Barth Anderson (the blond guy with glasses in the slideshow pics). This particular mob included the FFF faithful, Trout Brook friends and family,

Perennial Plate

's Daniel Klein and Mirra Fine, some polka music, and a big black dog named Indiana Jones. After picking Frontenac grapes all morning, we enjoyed lunch at the vineyard, followed by a trip to the

Northern Vineyards Winery

in Stillwater, where winemaker Robin Partch showed us what was to become of the northern grapes. It was a beautiful day and a great way to get involved with a local grower.

If you missed the event, FFF is scheduling two more crop mobs this fall. When we get the details, we will share them with you. Meanwhile, take a look at the action at the most recent wine mob in our new Trout Brook Vineyard slideshow here.

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