Triple Your Money at the Herkimer If the Packers Make the Super Bowl


The Herkimer is betting on the Packers in the Super Bowl -- or maybe betting against the bar's favorite team instead, as they could end up giving away a lot of beer should the Green and Gold advance. The Lyn-Lake brewpub is offering a special deal this weekend where any gift card purchased before noon on Sunday (up to a $250 value) will triple in value if the Packers advance to the big game.

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There is no catch -- the Herkimer just wants to support Wisconsin sports teams, and has long been dedicated to airing Packers and Badgers games.

"We wanted build on the momentum of the Packers' awesome season, and find a way to make the playoffs interactive," says Herkimer's Jay Pierce. "This is our gift to the greatest fans in the NFL," he says, snubbing the local Vikings team that finished at 7-9 this season, in third place behind Green Bay and Detroit.

"When they win Sunday and then win the following game everyone wins, literally," Pierce adds. The promotion is tied only to the Packers' playoff run, and not to a Super Bowl victory itself. Gift cards are available online here.

The Packers will host the Dallas Cowboys at noon this Sunday, January 11. If they win this weekend and again in the NFC Championship Game, patrons can cash in their gift cards at a 3-to-1 victory. With this deal, they might even get some Vikings fans rooting for the other guys.


The Herkimer will be airing the game and offers a Packers Mug Club special for members during game time.

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