Traveling Nigerian Chef's Goat Dinner Tour Makes a Stop in the Twin Cities

Tunde Wey, Nigerian chef, innovator of press releases

Tunde Wey, Nigerian chef, innovator of press releases

We'll admit, our spam filters have been a little leaky lately. So when the phrase "hot ass dish" appeared in our inbox yesterday, we had our cursor hovering above the trash can before pausing to take a second look.

Tunde Wey. We'd seen that name before.

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Yes, we'd seen a Heavy Table interview with this Nigerian chef. Now he was in our inbox, sassing things up with one of the best press releases we'd seen in a long, long time.

Detroit-based chef Wey, who is embarking on a cross-country journey to bring Nigerian cuisine to the masses, isn't hoping some milquetoast Who-What-Where-When press release will do the trick. No, he's throwing convention (and capital letters) out the window and demanding attention for this unique dinner series with jokes and jokes and jokes:

okay, i know what you're thinking, "why the devil would you do this? isn't nigerian cuisine already commonplace? noooooooo! stop this madness!"

first, you don't have to be so hysterical, its unbecoming. next, i hear you. i understand why you might immediately dismiss my project as wasteful, unimportant, uninventive even... we all know nigerian cuisine is in the same pedestrian culinary category as burger and french fries.

of course people are tired of eating nigerian food; its ubiquitous, not sexy anymore and passé. nigerian cuisine is way past its heydey-- which was sometime in the early 1900's when everything nigerian was moving from hipster cool to mainstream vogue?

but i have a different angle.

you see, despite nigerian cuisine being more overexposed than the kardashians-- with our boring plantains, stewed cowfeet, peppered goat head, silky palm oil, sweet coconuts and smoked crayfish-- there is still at least one thing folks don't know about nigerian fare: EVERYTHING!

so, this tour isn't about bringing sexy back, because in the words of Prince, "sexy never left!"

In closing... help a nigerian today because one nigerian helped is one less nigerian sending you fraudulent emails (oops... i feel like i shouldn't end the message this way... oh well)

Okay fine, we'll bite. Wey has a way with media releases (The satire! The twist! The Prince reference!) that totally won us over.

So here are the details on Lagos, Tunde Wey's Nigerian feast:

LAGOS November 11 at 6:30 p.m. Location to be announced Tickets are $45

Menu: Jollof rice (Rice pilaf) Asun (Peppered goat meat) Goat pepper soup Egusi (Melon seed and spinach stew) Fufu (Cassava paste) Dodo (Fried plantains)

Wey's tour currently has stops planned for New Orleans (earlier this month), Chicago (11/1), Minneapolis (11/11), Cincinnati, Philadelphia, and Buffalo (all TBD), and New York (12/19).

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