Travail closing next month, but will resurface

Fried chicken with pressed watermelon at Travail
Fried chicken with pressed watermelon at Travail

Michelle Leon

Travail Kitchen and Amusements, otherwise known as Robbinsdale's crown gastronomic jewel, announced it will be closing on April 6, to the shock and dismay of many a local foodie. But don't get too down in the dumps. Travail's owners have plans to re-invent the restaurant as a two-parter (which will be in the same general neighborhood as the original Travail), and to open a pizza place in the old Travail space, which they're calling Pig Ate My Pizza, reports Mpls/St. Paul magazine. 

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Following one of the biggest

local restaurant trends

of the last year or two, Pig Ate My Pizza will also be doing a lot of its own charcuterie, in addition to about a dozen pizzas and other small plates. No exact opening date has been announced yet, but the space will need a bit of a facelift and some new equipment installed before they can start slinging pies.

Meanwhile, Travail won't be returning until fall, and when it does come back it will be smaller than the original. What will remain is their signature whimsical food and option to do tasting menus of various courses. The second part of the revamp is going to be a sandwich shop called the Rookery, which will have a full bar and original cocktail creations. 

So we'll all be without any Travail for at least a little while, but the reward for our patience will be a bunch of new concepts from a rock-solid culinary team. Done deal.

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Travail Kitchen and Amusements

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