Trader Joe's Lyn-Lake proposal squashed

City Council opposes plans for Trader Joe's in Uptown

City Council opposes plans for Trader Joe's in Uptown

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Residents and business owners in the Lyn-Lake area who worried about the added congestion, parking problems, and competition that a proposed Trader Joe's store might bring to their neighborhood can breathe a sigh of relief.

The Minneapolis City Council rejected the property developer's request for rezoning, which was required to move forward on building the 14,000-square-foot grocery with attached liquor store. Jeff Minea, a representative from the family that owns the lots where the store would be built, says this rejection by the council likely means the project is dead, reports the Southwest Journal.

Several small businesses at 27th Street and Lyndale Avenue South would have been disrupted, displaced, or otherwise affected negatively by this proposal, which was a large factor in the decision-making process.

The project's developers were also unsuccessful in courting the Lowry Hill East's Neighborhood Association. Maybe it's time to look to the suburbs?