Town Talk Diner's The Green Fairy: Drink of the week

Town Talk Diner's The Green Fairy: Drink of the week

The Green Fairy

Town Talk Diner
2707 1/2 E. Lake St., Mpls

OK, I am a little late for St. Paddy's Day, but I wanted to get my favorite green drink on record: The Green Fairy at cocktail heaven, a.k.a.Town Talk Diner. Made with Bombay Sapphire Gin, Zen Green Tea Liqueur, fresh lemon, and St. Georges Absinthe--this drink is as airy as the name would imply.

Something magical happens when you mix gin and lemon juice, they are so harmonious, the citrus removing the harshness of gin and leaving only the delicate floral scents. This cocktail is given a good, solid shaking with egg whites, which creates a lovely little froth that makes the first taste a lil' sip of heaven. Topped with just a few drops of absinthe--delivered carefully from an eyedropper--brings in light licorice flavor, the green color, and the fairies--which absinthe supposedly makes you see--subtly like a whisper in the ear.

The Green Fairy is reminiscent of one of my favorite drinks, which originated in New Orleans, the Ramos Gin Fizz (does anyone in town make this drink?), which has the gin, citrus, froth, and a hint of orange flower water. Both the Fizz and the Fairy, are a tribute to old-timey cocktail culture, so wonderful in its resurgence.

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