Town Hall Tap plans to open a bowling alley

Town Hall Tap is working on a new location in a bowling alley
Town Hall Tap is working on a new location in a bowling alley
Sasha Landskov

First they opened Town Hall -- one of the few true and truly good brewpubs we have in the Twin Cities. Then they expanded with Town Hall Tap -- a smaller, cozier version of the original that quickly became a favorite of Nokomis-area residents. Now owners Pete Rifakes and Scott Krebsbach are talking about developing a third location in a surprising choice of venue: A bowling alley.

They haven't officially closed the deal, but here are more details on the setup:

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The space in question is Skylane Bowling alley at 5019 34th Ave. S., right down the block from Al Vento, reports the Southwest Journal. If all goes according to plans, the new location would have a full bar and full menu. It would also serve the pub's signature beers (brewed at the 7 Corners location) and keep the existing bowling lanes functional.

If they keep their fare in the same vein as their other locations, you can expect burgers, walleye hoagies, currywurst, pulled pork sandwiches, wings, and various other fried appetizers (please have the brie curds. Please.) 

The project is in its infancy, so there's no telling when they'll be open to the public, but if this new Town Hall Tap goes forward, we predict it will be a popular, fun first-date sort of spot.

If you have a hankering for a sneak preview of the beers they might serve, now is a good time to visit one of the other Town Hall locations because their excellent Oktoberfest lager is on tap.

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Skylanes Bowling

5019 34th Ave. S.
St. Paul, MN 55116


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