Town Hall Lanes Bowling Alley is now open

Good times roll at Town Hall Lanes
Good times roll at Town Hall Lanes
Joy Summers

Bowling and beer are the milk and cookies of the marginally athletic adult set. Who better to bring these two classics together in the Nokomis East neighborhood than those who have already conquered the beer brewing craft? Pete Rifakes, founder of the Town Hall Brewery and Town Hall Tap, is bringing the two together again with the new Town Hall Lanes that opened their doors this weekend. We were invited for a press preview and got a first taste.

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Optimism in a glass
Optimism in a glass
Joy Summers
The room is filled with reclaimed wood, vintage beer signs, and a beautiful chandelier that dominates the main room. The antique bar originally came from Iowa, but they rescued it in Washington before bringing it back home and cleaning it up.

In addition to their usual brews, Town Hall adds a new blonde to the lineup with the Super Strike, brewed especially to pair with bowling. It's an all-American light beer that brings up taste memories of kegs in the garage, beachside bonfires, and that melodious sound of knocking a lot of pins down.

Food we sampled included some wings, sliders, and chips with hot and creamy, cheesy artichoke dip. The chipotle wings were smoky, spicy, and tender while a curry wing was full of that floral Indian flavor and a saltiness that paired beautifully with the beers. They didn't yet have a full menu available for us to study.

They have 10 lanes and are open for business daily at 11 a.m.

Town Hall Lanes, website
5019 34th Avenue South, Minneapolis
(612) 767-3354

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