Town Hall Brewery's Barrel Aged Week starts today

Town Hall Brewery's barrel-aging room

Town Hall Brewery's barrel-aging room

After closing shop for a 14-week remodel, Town Hall Brewery, the Seven Corners institution and a senior brewpub in the state, reopened last week -- just in time for their annual Barrel Aged Week, a celebration of limited edition barrel-aged beers.

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Each night, Monday through Saturday, the brewery is releasing a different barrel-aged beer (two each on Friday and Saturday). The barrel-aged beers are available in extremely limited quantities and growler sales are limited to advance tickets that were sold on Sunday. Last year those tickets sold out in 20 minutes.

Town Hall first began their barreling program in 2000 and it has grown into an award-winning program led by head brewer Mike Hoops. Their Twisted Trace barley wine won a silver medal at the 2013 Great American Beer Festival and will be the first of this year's beers to debut.

The eight different beers range in style from Grand Cru to a honey ale to imperial stouts and strong Belgians. Each carries distinct and varied traces from the wooden barrels and the liquors originally contained therein, providing a balanced feel between regular draught beer and the heavier, warming, and woodier characteristics of barreled beers. Town Hall's offerings are subtle, with extra warmth to the finish but not a particularly boozy profile.

The barrel-aging program is one that the brewery hopes to grow in the redesigned brewpub. Among this year's offerings, listed in full below, are a bock, a Belgian, and an imperial stout.


Monday 4/14 Twisted Trace: Town Hall's Twisted Reality Barley Wine aged in Buffalo Trace Oak Barrels. Recipient of 2013 Great American Beer Fest Silver medal honors

Tuesday 4/15 5 p.m. Release Eye Wine: Town Hall's Eye of the Storm Honey ale aged in Gambling McDuck French Oak Cab Franc Wine Barrel from Napa, CA

Wednesday 4/16 5 p.m. Release Manhattan Reserve: Town Hall's Belgian style Grand Cru aged with tart red cherries and finished in Woodford Reserve Barrels

Thursday 4/17 5 p.m. Release Buffalo Bock: Town Hall's Weizenbock aged in Buffalo Trace Barrels

Friday 4/18 5 p.m. Release Big #7: Town Hall's Strong Belgian Bruin Aged in Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey Barrels

Friday 4/18 5 p.m. Release Project 3106: Town Hall's Strong Belgian Aged with Belgian Chocolate, kumquat, and finished in a Buffalo Trace Barrel

Saturday 4/19 1 p.m. Release Czar Jack: Town Hall's Jack Frost Imperial Stout aged in Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey Barrels

Saturday 4/19 5 p.m. Release Double Barrel Aged Jack Frost: Town Hall's Jack Frost Imperial Stout aged in Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey Barrel then aged in French Oak Red Wine Barrel

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