Town Hall Brewery wants to convert your meathead friends from macros

Macro bros, a new pint for your pigskin.

Macro bros, a new pint for your pigskin.

Beer and football have always been a symbiotic pairing, but, more often than not, it's sudsers Bud and Coors washing down the pigskin. Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery is out to change that by incentivizing the switch from macro to micro.

The cleverly named 2-Pint Conversion program is on now and coincides with Gophers and Vikings games on Saturdays and Sundays. What Town Hall encourages you to do is bring along a swill-happy buddy, get them a Masala Mama IPA or a West Bank Pale Ale, and if they approve, the followup beer is on the house. In the words of Town Hall owner Pete Rifakes:

"We are midway through the football season, and as teams are changing up their game plans, it’s also a perfect opportunity to change up your beer choice," he said in a press release. "We are encouraging craft beer fans to help us introduce new people to our craft beer and reinforce the theme that Minnesota roots local and drinks local."

The standards for participating are a little wonky since Town Hall has no forensic protocol for deciding if a drinker is a macroite or not and they've made it clear that they won't ask. So, this may be an opportunity for you and your pals to exchange gratis pints while you sit around and ponder the moral quandary of Adrian Peterson.

Either way, in a world where the flailing marketers at Budweiser are trying to reclaim the word macro, it's good to see locals countering and trying to pry factory brewing's grip off the sport of football.