Tour de Farm bringing people together

Tour de Farm bringing people together

Tour de Farm has put together a great eight-minute video recap of the recent dinner it put on at the Walker Art Center, the second in a series of dinners by the Scott Pampuch-fueled org. The July 30 event brought together some serious culinary superpower to make a multi-course meal for over 100 guests under threatening clouds on the museum lawn.

The video's got some great shots of, among other things, the long dinner table on the museum lawn from the museum kitchen above, hands shaking across the table, and the close-up efforts and camaraderie of some of our best local chefs. It's the feelgood promotional food vid of the year.

Tour de Farm's blog also has a three-part recap -- with some kickass photos -- of the event. See what local personalities you can pick out of the crowd.

Video after the jump.

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