Tour de Farm accepting dinner reservations

Last week, Hot Dish wrote about the Santa Cruz organization Outstanding in the Field, which criss-crosses the country orchestrating large farm dinners sourced from the land they take place on and prepared by talented, committed area chefs.

The Corner Table's Scott Pampuch -- who cooked for the group's Minnesota dinner last year and will again this July -- was so inspired by the "restaurant without walls" approach that he launched his own variation on the theme.

Tour de Farm has four scheduled dinners on Minnesota farms this summer and into fall. The first is June 7 at Hidden Place Farms in Elgin featuring eats prepared by Craftsman Chef Mike Phillips. At $85 a pop, the four or five course wine-paired Tour de Farm dinners are quite a bit cheaper than the Outstanding in Field Events. Pampuch says on Tour de Farm's blog that "a couple of" the dates are already close to being sold out.