Totally gluten-free beer dinner happening next month

Burning Bros. gluten-free beer

Burning Bros. gluten-free beer

For Celiac sufferers and the otherwise gluten-averse, the world is slowly becoming more accommodating. Most restaurants will give gluten-free menu items a special designation. It doesn’t always mean more choices, but at least it makes scanning the menu easier.

Still, many dream of a dinner where there’s no fine print to scour, no “what if” questions for the diner. Behold! Burning Brothers and Signature Café have teamed up for an ultra-rare gluten-free beer dinner event on Sunday, April 3.

With five courses and five beers, the exact menu remains a work in progress, but Signature is taking reservations at $55 per person as the final details are arranged. The courses and pairings will be prepped by Signature’s owner and chef Derek Grams, while gluten-free brewery Burning Brothers will serve five of their beers — one with each course. 


Rumor has it diners will enjoy GF pretzels, sausage, beer ice cream, and more. As for beers, Burning Brothers flagships Pyro American pale ale and Roasted coffee strong ale are certainties but, says the brewery’s Thom Foss, “We might have something special up our sleeve just for the event.”

“There are still woefully few dining events that center on gluten-free,” Foss says. “Then narrow that down to a beer pairing, and the [dinner] is pretty damn unique.”

The biggest challenge, says Foss, isn’t creating a beer dinner for those who can’t drink “regular” beer, but instead making sure everyone knows. “We've got the expertise on gluten-free beer and Signature has fantastic gluten-free food options, it's really just letting people know that it's happening,” he says. Why should non-Celiacs have all the fun?

Tickets are on sale now with info on Signature Café’s website and on Facebook.

UPDATE: The dinner is sold out and but the two parties are working on a follow-up event.