Tori Ramen has a name and (tentative) opening date for new north Minneapolis shop


Tori's known for miraculously rich yet pork-free broth, seen swirling here with a vegan special from last summer. Facebook: Tori Ramen

Victory. Vic-tory. Vic... Tori. 

It's practically too perfect that Tori Ramen's celebrated chef and co-owner Jason Dorweiler is rolling into north Minneapolis' Victory neighborhood -- specifically, into the space Victory 44 occupied for a decade. The noodle shop's St. Paul iteration rests on Victoria Street North, and, obviously, they already have "Tori" in the name. Which made settling on a name for Tori 2.0 something of a no-brainer: It's going to be called Tori 44.

"The Victory 44 name is an homage to the location and its people," Dorweiler tells City Pages, and he hopes it's clear he's again honoring the neighborhood here. “But yes, it’s also an homage to [Victory 44] too. They did wonders with the space and food they served ... we want to keep that spirit alive by doing our best to put out an upscale product.”

He's shooting for an April 1 opening for Tori 44. And he's hiring.

As we noted upon Victory 44's closure in July, the pickings are pretty slim, restaurant-wise, in that part of north Minneapolis. It should make Tori's latest -- part noodle production house, part full-service restaurant -- something of an instant hit come spring. (City Pages did give it a Best Ramen nod last year, after all.) And Dorweiler is correspondingly excited-slash-confident. 

“The neighborhood has reached out on numerous occasions … Several people that I’ve known over the years have told me how excited they are to have a place to go to. It’s on a super busy street, too, so I can’t see how this location wouldn’t be a success.”

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