Top five places to watch the Tour de France


We've got almost another two whole weeks of Tour de France-watching bliss. It makes getting up early seem almost fun, especially because if you work it right, there can be delicious food and drink involved. There's quite a few places showing the Tour around town (even more if you just ask nice). And sure, watching it at home in your unds is fun, but you need to get out more, don't you think?

Here's our Top 5 Tour-watching spots.

1) Riverview Theater. Weekends only (that means you've got just four more chances) from 7 - 10:30 a.m. The theater serves bagels (which are reportedly pretty damn good) with cream cheese, muffins, juice and coffee. Also, it's FREE! Just bring a food donation.

2) Birchwood Cafe. Every day! 7:30 a.m. weekdays, 8 a.m. Saturdays, and 9 a.m. Sundays. Featuring, according to the cafe's website, "French press Peace Coffee, p√Ętisserie, French ale, quiche Lorraine, brioche french toast, and our infamous Tour de Lance Turkey Burger all month long. And Tour trivia too!"

3) Glaciers Cafe. Every day! With its proximity to the Hub, it's likely a hardcore hangout. The Minneapolis cafe is all Tour all the time - live or rebroadcast, you got it, until it's said and done July 26. Also, 10 percent off coffee drinks for the occasion.

4) Buster's on 28th. Catch the rebroadcast nights at the great South Minneapolis bar and restaurant. It's a good option for non-early birds and/or less rabid fans. On a recent night, the Tour was showing on at least three of the bar's TVs. Ask about beer specials (they always have'em).

5) Home (is where the heart is). Ok, fine, hanging out in your unds has its merits. Just put some pants on before people come over. Invite them early Saturday or Sunday to watch. You could make crepes (Try making them Kenny Shopsin-style: tortillas dipped in milk and then pan fried). Or there's always french fries, no?

Where else, Hot Dishers?