Top 5: Worst things I ate at the fair

Top 5: Worst things I ate at the fair

This is how I felt after a few of the fair items I tried.

For all its edible pleasures, the fair has its share of disappointments, too. Here's what I tried this year that I'd recommend you skip. Share any of your regrettable edibles in the comments...

5) Maple Syrup Minne-Soda from Renewing the Countryside (outside the Progress-Eco Building): While I loved RTC's Chokecherry Minne-Soda, this one's sweetness was too cloying. Maybe they'd consider a cranberry/maple next year, or do cranberries only grow in Wisconsin?

4) Spam Breakfast Sandwich (Cosgrove/Dan Patch): The Spam was amazing, of course, but the egg, American cheese, and generic bun dumbed this baby down.

3) Bratwurst at the Boulevard Grille (Coliseum): I'm a big fan of Tim Fischer's pork, but this brat could have amped up the seasoning (the fine grind gave it a wonderful texture, though). Also, the Grille didn't serve 'em with sauerkraut, which I consider a crucial brat condiment. 4) Sonny's Tornado Potato (Food Bldg): It looked cool and all, curling around its wooden stick, but the potato tornado came out of the fryer too soggy for my tastes. Next time I'll try the giant baskets of potato chips.

5) French Meadow's Churros (Chambers/Carnes): French Meadow took over Schumacher's former spot and is serving up several of its famous baked goods. I made a mistake by skipping the scones in favor of one of the new, "naturally fried" churros. Its texture was so dense it tasted more like a fried pizza crust than the lovely ones they serve at, say, Barrio.

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