Top 5 worst restaurant names

Wondering if this was a good restaurant name...
Wondering if this was a good restaurant name...

In honor of Thom Pham's recent naming troubles with his new Wondrous Azian Kitchen (formerly "Wanderers Wondrous Azian Kitchen"), we decided to look into the worst-named restaurants, past and present, in the Twin Cities. Add your suggestions in the comments.

5. Faces
Finally, I get it. The full name of this place is "Faces Mears Park," as in, looks out over Mears Park--aha! The view is pretty, sure, but try saying the phrase, "Hey, want to go to Faces tonight?" out loud and see how weird it sounds.

4. Travail Kitchen and Amusements
Travail means "work," and not just any work: specifically, a hearty, agonizing toil that's painful or laborious enough to leave one physically and/or mentally exhausted. Whew! We know you guys are sweating it out back there in the kitchen, travailing away, as it were. But, as your customers, we'd rather be under the delusion that for you, work is play, that you're having fun--and that we're not subjecting you to grueling torture every time we order the Zucchini Fazzoletti.

3. Gasthof Zur Gemutlichkeit
It's a cute idea, sure: according to the restaurant's website, "gasthof" means a guest house and" gemütlichkeit" is the warm feeling one receives from a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere. But, for the non-German-speaking, the name is a total tongue twister. Fortunately, everybody shortens the name to Gasthof. Can you imagine the horror of being surrounded by a whole biergarden full of drinkers attempting to pronounce Zur Gemutlichkeit?

2. La Cucaracha (a.k.a. "The Cockroach")
If you have ever seen a cockroach retreat to the corner of the cabinet under the sink as you reached for the bottle of Raid, or scuttle across your bathroom floor at 4 in the morning, with or without your glasses on? If so, you'd want to keep those glossy, leggy, fast-moving buggers as far from your food as humanly possible. When I'm digging into a plate of tacos or chips and salsa, I'd like to think that all the cockroaches on the planet have been plugged into the BP oil well or rocketed off to Mars. Not that they might be back in the restaurant's kitchen, sipping the margarita mix.

1. Mysore
Even though it's been closed for years, the legend of Uptown's Mysore lives on. True, the correct pronunciation of one of India's largest cities is closer to "muh-sore" than "my sore"--or at least I thought it was until I listened to this wikipedia sound file, and now I'm not so sure--but it keeps conjuring images of large, puss-filled wounds. Eww!

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