Top 5 worst Halloween costumes for foodies

A Halloween costume can often be an extension of your personality. And for people who love to eat well, dressing up in some food-related outfit is a natural choice. But picking the right costume is fraught with peril. If you're clever and creative enough you could be the hit of the party, but make the wrong choice and you'll be broadcasting to the world that you're an idiot.

Yesterday we told you about some of our favorite Halloween costumes for food lovers. Here are five ridiculous costumes that are scary for all the wrong reasons.

5. Knife A knife? That's it, really? A knife.

If you spent 25 bucks on this, for a knife you're really not that sharp.

4. Beer Keg Dress If your ideal Halloween involves the slavish attention of college frat boys making crude jokes about "tapping your keg," this is the costume for you.

3. Deviled Egg It's an egg. With devil horns. Get it? It's a ridiculous costume and a bad visual pun in one!

2. Candy Corn Dog Outfit Everyone hates dogs in outfits. Everyone hates candy corn. This is the Platonic ideal of bad costumes.

1. Banana Flasher It's entirely possible you could be arrested just for wearing this costume. At the very least you're guaranteed to offend most of the people in any room. The worst part is, after a few days your banana turns brown and goes soft.

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