Top 5 ways to use UV's new Sriracha-flavored vodka

Top 5 ways to use UV's new Sriracha-flavored vodka
Yesterday the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal reported that Phillips Distilling Co. is set to release the 20th flavor variety in its line of UV Vodka, and this one's a spicy little number. 

Adding a Sriracha-flavored vodka is an especially smart move by the Minneapolis-based company, given the recent hullabaloo surrounding a California community's demands that the Sriracha plant be shut down because of air quality concerns. An L.A. judge ultimately ruled against the closure, but the possibility of a Sriracha shortage was enough to send pepper fans into a fizz and to cause one Minneapolis donut shop to start hoarding the stuff.

The possibility of Sriracha downsizing or partially closing is still possible, so we thought we'd prepare for that apocalyptic threat by thinking of some new ways to get a little Sriracha into our liquid diets. Here are our Top 5 ways to use the new UV Sriracha vodka. 

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Top 5 ways to use UV's new Sriracha-flavored vodka

5. In a Bloody Mary or a depth-charged Michelada

Yes, this is the most obvious application of Sriracha vodka, but that doesn't make it any less of an inspired idea. Shake up your Sunday brunch by replacing your standard Bloody booze with Sriracha vodka or spike a Michelada (a.k.a Bloody Beer) with an extra shot. If you usually add a squirt of Sriracha to your Bloody Mary mix anyway, well then just consider this a double shot. Or quadruple shot, if you make yours with a double shot of vodka. That's some buzzed math.   

4. To extract another flavor

Stay with us on this one. If you want to make really good vanilla extract at home, the easiest way to do it, according to Ina, is to simply steep some "good" vanilla beans in some "good" vodka in a sealed, airtight jar for a good amount of time (about a month). Ours is a decidedly less Barefoot way to go, but you can follow the same method. Just swap in already-infused Sriracha vodka for regular and something more savory for the vanilla beans. We'd suggest horseradish, garlic, rosemary, basil, or a Slim Jim.    

3. In pasta sauce

Pasta alla vodka is a classic. Why not turn up the heat a little bit by using Sriracha vodka to deglaze your pan after cooking down the garlic and onion base of your sauce? Add tomato puree, heavy cream, a handful of grated parm, salt, pepper, some extra chili flakes, and a finishing drizzle of pasta water. Pour over penne and call it dinner.

2. In a dirty martini

Bloodies aren't the only cocktail this booze is good for. This vodka, frankly, may not be fine enough to drink in something as pure as a straight up martini so we recommend dirtying it a bit with olive juice prior to straining. Garnish with one of these Sriracha candy canes if you are feeling extra festive/weird. 

1.  In a savory pie crust

America's Test Kitchen's tried and true foolproof pie crust is perfectly flaky, tender, and buttery-tasting and it's all thanks to the 1/4 cup of vodka that goes into the mix. Add extra flavor to a pot pie crust or curry vegetable and potato-filled hand pie by using the Sriracha vodka in the dough instead.

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