Top 5: Ways to spend T-giving weekend, foodie-style


1. WEDNESDAY NIGHT: Hit Shefzilla's Pre-Thanksgiving Bash Have you ever seen a bunch of drunk chefs dance? Yeah, me neither. But this Wednesday night, starting at 9:00 pm, you'll have your chance as Stewart Woodman, aka Shefzilla is throws his first ever Pre-Thanksgiving Bash at Sunny's Midtown, 2940 Chicago Ave in Minneapolis.

Woodman and his sous chef David Vlach (he launched Town Talk, back in the day, remember?) will take shifts cooking for the crowd along with Ferris Schifffer of the Minikahda Club and Vincent Francoual, of Vincent's. Apparently there will be a special cocktail on hand made with UV Vodka called the "Pink Zilla" that should cause you to breathe fire like the little Shefzilla avitar on Woodman's blog.

There's a $10 cover, and a portion of all proceeds will benefit Second Harvest Heartland. It should be a lot more exciting than meeting up with your old high school friends at William's.

2. FRIDAY MORNING: Free Breakfast at Blue Plate Restaurants You're not actually one of those people who hits the Black Friday sales, are you? (A friend of mine who works at Target told me she plans to be at Wal-Mart at 3AM for a little competitive research...) If so, make the early wake-up a little easier by hitting the "Rise and Dine" specials at the Blue Plate Restaurants, Highland Grill, Longfellow Grill, Edina Grill, Three Squares are offering free breakfast entrees from 4-5 AM, 75% off from 5-6 AM, and 50% off from 6-7AM.


3. FRIDAY NIGHT: Hit Chef Shack @ Holidazzle Here's your last chance to see the Chef Shack gals before they head on their annual international winter travel hiatus. Chef Shack III will be parked at 6th and Nicollet--if all goes as planned, they'll be serving up their newest dessert: churros with dipping chocolate.

4. SATURDAY: The New Yorker Food Issue You may be in a turkey-induced food coma for the next few days, which leaves you in a perfect state to catch up on some reading. The November 23 volume is the magazine's annual food issue and, as usual, it doesn't disappoint: find the first-ever interview with an anonymous Michelin inspector, Mimi Sheraton on "Spit Cake," aka German's Baumkuchen, a look inside Givaudan, the largest artificial flavor maker in the world, and an examination how the Chinese went from trying to open wine bottles with church keys to becoming the fifth-largest wine consumers in the world. Plus Calvin Trillin digs into poutine, Heston Blumenthal improvises on duck l'orange, and more.

5. SUNDAY AFTERNOON: "Master Cheesemakers" book-signing The writer/photographer husband/wife team of James Norton and Becca Dilley will introduce their new book, "The Master Cheesemakers of Wisconsin at Magers & Quinn at 4:30. France 44 will supply the wine and cheese, some of which was made by Wisconsin Master Cheesemakers featured in the book. Afterwords, you can go home and take a well-deserved nap.