Top 5 treats for Administrative Professionals Day

Hell's Kitchen seems like an appropriate place to celebrate Admin Professionals Day
Hell's Kitchen seems like an appropriate place to celebrate Admin Professionals Day

According to our handy wall calendar, today is Administrative Professionals Day. Apparently our bosses don't have the same calendar, as the morning has passed like any other in a haze of drudgery and thanklessness.

So we've decided to take matters into our own hands and reward our own damn selves. Read on for the top five local dishes and drinks appropriate for celebrating this lofty occasion on your own put-upon dime.

5. Uptown Cafeteria's The Jerk sandwich As long as you're grumbling about jerks today, you might as well eat one. The Cafeteria's Jamaican jerk-marinated chicken breast and melted pepperjack cheese sandwich might just be enough to make you feel like you're back on top.

4. Psycho Suzi's Working Man lunches Go ahead and take a long lunch. Choose from a pizza special, the burger du jour, or soup and a sandwich, and add a tap beer for only $3. We won't tell. Available 11-2 Monday through Friday, these lunch options are sure to put you in a pleasant haze for the second half of your work day.

3. Hell's Kitchen's Purgatory Punch What better way to commemorate the 8 hours you spend in purgatory each day than with this aptly named cocktail? House-made sangria with fresh fruit, red or white wine, triple sec, brandy, and a fiesta of fruit juices combine to lull you into comfortable numbness. Get there during happy hour (3-6 p.m.) and it'll only put a $5.50 dent in your meager paycheck.

2. Pizza Luce's The Wrangler pizza Admins might as well be called wranglers, what with all the scheduling, herding, managing and hustling they do to keep everything operating in an efficient manner. So this one's for you: BBQ chicken breast, banana peppers, red onions, and mushrooms with cheddar and mozzarella cheeses on Pizza Luce's BBQ/red sauce. Order one for the office, stick a note by it saying "Happy Administrative Professionals Day!" and watch the guilt ripple across the office like a beautiful wave. Who said we were above a little well-timed passive aggression?

1. Bradstreet Craftshouse's cocktails Let's face it--you deserve a few. And with so many drinks with names seemingly designed for a scorned minion, we couldn't choose just one. Start with the Iron Cross (Don Cesar Italia pisco, lemon, egg white, orange flower water), move on to the Poor Liza (Clear Creek pear eau de vie, lemon, green chartreuse, Peychaud's bitters), and finish it off with the Moscow Mule (prairie, lime, ginger syrup).

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