Top 5: The decade's stupidest food products

Top 5: The decade's stupidest food products


1. Baconnaise

I am not sure why this product bothers me--it just does. I like bacon and I like mayonnaise, however I do not see why they belong together in one sandwich spread. This spread seems like it really only makes sense with one kind of sandwich--The BLT--which already has bacon and mayonnaise. Plus, I heard it doesn't taste so good, more like Bac-os than bac-on.


Top 5: The decade's stupidest food products


2. Toilet Candy

You dip your sucker into a candy-filled toilet bowl--as if your sucker was a toilet brush! And then you lick it. 'Nuff said. 

3. SumSeeds

Caffeine and ginseng infused sunflower seeds created to give you energy.They come in a variety of flavors including dill pickle and honey BBQ. Three words: why, why, and why?  

4. Dave's Hot Sauce and Garden Spray

While there are many reasons that this product might be useful, sauces that go on your food should never be marketed as something that can also kill insects. 

5. Heinz EZ Squirt colored ketchup

Introduced in 2000 and discontinued in 2006, this unfortunate Heinz product had several problems--first of all, people do realize that ketchup is made from ripe tomatoes and therefore shouldn't be green, purple or teal. (Oddly, the word 'ketchup' is in such a small font, you practically have to squint to read it.) They also realize that nothing food-related--or non-food-related for that matter--should ever be called EZ Squirt. 


As an extra-special stupid food bonus, we have a sixth selection:

6. Dwight Yoakam's Take 'Ems--Macaroni Mouth Poppers

Really Dwight Yoakam? How far have you fallen since your pioneering work as a good 'ol American country music star? Does anyone really need to f' with macaroni and cheese by putting it in a fried batter crust? And to make matters worse there is a whole family of Dwight Yoakam foods which includes Dwight Yoakam's Chicken Lickin's Chicken Fries. It's a little like seeing the once-hunky Erik Estrada from CHIPS endorsing the very budget-sounding Smoke Signals phone company in those NYC subway ads.

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