Top 5: The decade's grossest food stories

Top 5: The decade's grossest food stories


As the 2000s come to a close, we have a chance to reflect. What better way to wax nostalgic than to revisit the grossest-of-the-gross food stories? Here are the decade's top 5 grossest food stories--feel free to insert the punchline "I bet that wasn't on the menu!" at the end of each entry. 1. 2000's Chicken Head McNugget [aka The Chicken McNoggin]

When McDonald's decided to try out a new chicken wing recipe, a lady in Newport News, Virginia got a extra special surprise--a fried chicken head was included with her special order. Investigators determined that this incident was not a hoax, but details are murky about whether the woman sued. 

Top 5: The decade's grossest food stories

flickr/Tortuga one

2. 2003's Fried Mouse at Popeye's

A Baltimore Popeye's Chicken customer got a little more than he bargained for when he found a fried mouse lodged between the meat and crispy skin of a piece of chicken from his three-piece combo. This Popeye's franchise had been previously cited for rodent problems. 

Top 5: The decade's grossest food stories

Flickr/Brian Butko

3. 2004's Arby's Skinwich

An Ohio man found what is thought to be part of a thumb in his roast beef sandwich. This story is said to be confirmed as true, in contrast to the Wendy's chili-thumb scandal which was determined to be a hoax.  

Top 5: The decade's grossest food stories


4. 2002's McCormick and Schmick's Condom Clam Chowder

In Irvine, California, a women enjoying a bowl of clam chowder bit into something rubbery, which she mistook for squid. After discovering the mystery object was actually a condom, mayhem ensued and the woman later won an undisclosed settlement from the restaurant. 

Top 5: The decade's grossest food stories

flickr/ Fast Food

5. 2009's Domino's employee video

For our final gross food selection, we leave you with this video from Conover, North Carolina showing Domino's employees engaged in all sorts of gross food-makin' hyjinx and shenanigans including the preparation of their special recipe for cheese bread.

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