Top 5 St. Paul restaurants that deliver in Mac/Groveland

In a neighborhood filled with so many colleges, you would think the Mac/Groveland neighborhood would be rife with dinner delivery options. Sadly, until recently, the food was mostly limited to average pizza, bad Chinese, or mediocre sandwiches. We're happy to report that's no longer true.  Here is a roundup of some great dinner options that will be promptly delivered right your door.

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5. Pizza Luce

Vegetarian delights delivered
Vegetarian delights delivered

In addition to Luce's fantastic and unique pizzas, they offer other dishes. The Cesar salad is fantastically garlicky and studded with their rosemary focaccia re-purposed as croutons. The menu is worth exploring, especially for those looking for tasty vegetarian options. The veggie Muffaletta is one of the great sandwiches in the cities. Pizza Luce website

4. Skinner's Pub

Buffalo wings right to your door
Buffalo wings right to your door

Did you know our favorite neighborhood bar delivers its full menu? It's true. There is little better than bar food brought right to you, still hot out of the fryer. Skinner's has some killer Cajun wings, major league bacon cheeseburger, ginormous French dip, and their famous pizza (try the Reuben; it does not disappoint).  Best of all, the food here is remarkably affordable. Skinner's Pub website

3. Lulu's Deli

What was once a little neighborhood market has transformed into a tasty corner deli. The dishes have a Middle Eastern twist, with falafel, hummus, gyro, and kotlet (beef and potato patties, deep fried.) Get any of those as a basket and also receive freshly made French fries. A current favorite dish is the chicken gyro: seasoned chicken breast, grilled and diced and nestled into a fresh, hot pita. Topped with lettuce, tomato, and a spicy feta tzatziki sauce, it's a deliciously messy meal you'll find yourself craving. $15 minimum delivery. Lulu's Deli website

2. Potter's Pasties

Meat pies available at all hours of the night
Meat pies available at all hours of the night
photo courtesy of Potter's Pasties

As the cold weather sets in, the food trucks are plotting their next wintry steps. This lucky neighborhood can now have these savory hand pies delivered late night right to their doors. All the same creative flavors (like curry or duck), as well as traditional meaty varieties, are available for delivery from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m.  You read that right: Someone is going to be up after midnight in St. Paul. I know: crazy talk, right? The proof is in the pasty. Potter's Pasties website

1. Scusi

Tasty little ravioli are ready for delivery
Tasty little ravioli are ready for delivery
Photo courtesy of Scusi

The Blue Plate Company's inspired Italian concept restaurant has been in its current location for a couple of years and has built a steady stream of regulars.  Recently it added dinner delivery service. After trying several items on the menu, we can attest to the fast, courteous service and the ability of this food to hold up in transit. Everything from the arugula salad to the zesty bucatini to the magical ricotta cheesecake that is possible to actually inhale, all arrive within moments at the door. So do their crackers and garlicky hummus. It's elegant dining without all the dishes. Dinner delivery begins at 4 p.m. daily. Scusi website

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