Top 5: Seasonal brews


Awaiting the release of a seasonal beer is a bit like anticipating a good movie you've been hearing about that's about to come out. When it's finally out, you're beside yourself and have to make sure to haul ass over the ensuing month to check it out. Here's five beers you might want to haul ass over in the next few weeks or so, according to the folks at Zipp's and South Lyndale Liquors:

1. Goose Island Bourbon County Stout. A top pick of Zipp's Manager Mark Joseph. Aged in whiskey barrels, which makes it unique, with coffee, chocolate, and toffee flavors. A "big" beer.

2. Ayinger Weizen Bock. Recommended by South Lyndale Liquors Manager P.J. Zavada, this German wheat beer was introduced to the U.S. market just this year. According to BeerAdvocate, "It offers the classic Bavarian weizen beer aroma, suggesting spice and cloves; a smooth body that drinks fairly full; and flavor that is the essence of the wheat harvest, fresh-baked bread, some of the richness of great home-made vegetable soup, and somehow maybe even the afternoon sunshine of a fall day." Dang!

3. Krampus Imperial Helles Lager. Another beer new to the Twin Cities market and a resounding fave over at Zipp's. According to Southern Tier's website, "Dark malts and aromatic hops create the diabolical spirit of this brew. It is finished with lager yeast and aged cold for no less than 30 days."

4. Pretty Things Baby Tree Quadruple. South Lyndale's Zavada says this limited-release Belgian-style ale could be a dessert all on its own. Made with dried plums, the flavor is rich and malty he says.


5. De Proef Imperial Amber Wheat Ale. Another Zavada-recommended beer with very limited release. Described as having "[r]oasty & chocolaty [sic] aromas with a hint of spice."