Top 5: Places to get homemade ketchup


As we all know, mass-produced ketchup a la Heinz is the most revolting creation known to man. So it's nice to know who out there is going that extra distance to help us stay as far away as possible from what is essentially just a vehicle for sugar. It's that little added attention to detail that can elevate a good restaurant to a great one.

Plus, not only is the taste of homemade ketchup better (no matter if it is inflected with curry, cayenne, bacon or is just all-out tomatoes) but it also somehow makes you you feel just a little more welcome and cozy at a place. It's a little welcoming gesture (same goes for housemade pickles). Here's our top five:

5. The Happy Gnome gets a little short shrifted on its food sometimes, overshadowed by its (legit and deserved) reputation for offering one of the best beer selections in town. So you might not have known that the place serves up homemade ketchup to accompany its sandwiches and fries.

4. Green Mill has a handful of new burgers on its menu (including an "EMT" burger with a fried egg and garlic aioli and a BLT burger that comes topped with a sauce made out of Summit Pale Ale - dang!). All of them come with homemade ketchup. You can get the ketchup with regular menu items too -- just ask.

3. It's not just the peanut butter. People are bonkers over Hell's Kitchen's homemade ketchup too. The restaurant's burgers are made with bison and come on wild rice buns (an unusual touch) and not only does Hell's Kitchen make its own ketchup but its own mustard too, which is sort of unheard of.

2. Town Talk Diner's much talked-about bacon ketchup officially comes only with their similarly much talked-about cheese curds. But just ask and they'll be happy to sling some some of the ketchup on whatever you want. Yeah! (Probably not-so-incidentally, the Strip Club also has a bacon ketchup.)

1. Perhaps the newest addition to the Homemade Ketchup Club is Victory 44, which is already winning over people who have tried it with their thin, crispy fries or their bacon cheeseburger, "The Perfect Burger."

Here's to homemade ketchup!