Top 5: MSP Tweeters for foodies

The local Twitterverse continues to expand by leaps and bounds. So far we've got a lot of local bars and restaurants Tweeting away, (from @greenmill001, @commonroots, and @shackattacks) but also lots of other food-related businesses (like @MidtownGlobal, @MplsFarmMarket, and @CooksCrocusHill) as well as some local chefs (including @airick72, @youngchef2, and @asherbmiller). We thought we'd give a shoutout to some of our faves, based on a few criteria: a) informativeness, b) personality, and c) frequency of posts. Keep in mind there are lots of great ones out there, but here's our Top 5:

1. @Peace_Coffee Our affection for Peace Coffee is undisputed. Also undisputed: Peace Coffee's affection for the work it does. We like that its Tweets aren't just about its products, but also reflect its commitment to social justice and some straight up fun. Did you know they'll have bike-powered coffee grinding at the fair this year?

2. @cafecyan This local vegetarian food blogger (check out her site here) offers consistently creative ideas. Four words: Best. Jello. Shots. Ever. Thank you, Cafe Cyan! We also like when people Tweet about more than just their main area of interest. @cafecyan chats about music and community events and just seems to enjoy life.

3. @leezukor The guy behind Simple, Good and Tasty makes you feel like you're friends with him just by following him on Twitter. Aw. He's always informative, friendly and welcoming. We also like how he mixes it up, generously retweeting what others are putting out there alongside useful info that emphasizes local food.

4. @cookingfordads You never know what you're going to get with this local dad and cooking aficionado. One recent doozy: peanut butter steak. We like how Rob Barrett doesn't hesitate to talk UFOs now and then too. Barrett's also got a website where you can find recipes and videos.

5. @france44cheese France 44's Tweets are usually droolingly descriptive, often humorous, and totally informative. Benjamin Roberts, the man behind the Edina cheese shop and the new St. Paul Cheese Shop, also offers some great sales sometimes via Twitter.

There you have it, Hot Dishers. Care to second any of these? Or point out glaring omissions? Here's some quite honorable mentions: @andrewzimmern, @surdyksliquor, @fourfirkins, @heavytable, and @The_Wedge.

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