Top 5 hangover cures for New Year's Day

Sure, we could point out that the best way to cure a hangover is to not get one in the first place. But it's New Year's, so who are we kidding? Here are our top five methods for not spending New Year's Day in the hangover hurtbox.

1. H20 while you go Yeah, this is more of a preventative measure: Because booze dehydrates--alcohol inhibits the hormone that keeps your kidneys from sending you to the bathroom all the time, so with each shot and sidecar you're losing water--interspersing a glass of water between each drink promises to eliminate the painful headaches booze-induced water loss will land you the next morning.

2. A bloody Mary, a.k.a. hair of the dog that bit you Easing back into sobriety with a touch of alcohol the morning after has been a common hangover legend, and there may be an element of legitimacy to the idea. Since a hangover is the result of the blood alcohol level dropping, handing your BAC a crutch might not be a bad idea.

3. Pop an aspirin...or better yet, a vitamin Save this step for the morning, because taking a preventative aspirin at night will only aggravate a hangover and lead to an upset stomach. All that peeing means you lost a load of B vitamins, and being low on B6 and B12 only makes your life worse hangover-wise. Popping a supplement the next day can speed your recovery.

A hot helping of grease
A hot helping of grease

4. A big, greasy breakfast fry-up The instinct to pack on eggs and bacon the morning after a rowdy New Year's Eve is practically universal. Doctors say grease can help delay the absorption of alcohol, but if you're already feeling like hell, it's probably too late for grease to help you. But bacon is always the answer, right?

5. Drink your cure: caffeine, Gatorade, or a Prairie oyster? Of the list above, sports drinks like Gatorade are your best bet. Losing water means losing electrolytes, and sports drinks replenish the much-missed salts and minerals that power your body on its more functional days. Coffee (or Red Bull's) caffeine can ease a headache's pain, but since coffee is a diuretic, it can work against your efforts to rehydrate. And reading the ingredient list for a Prairie Oyster while you're hungover might be enough to incite a full-on purge: crack a raw egg--yolk intact--into a glass and add Worcestershire and hot sauce. Then slam it. We might opt to power through the hangover rather than do a raw egg shot.

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