Top 5 grab-and-go sandwiches of the moment

Beat the heat? There's no such thing. But you sure as hell shouldn't becaught sweating down into your stovetop, and how many more salads can you eat? 

Turn to the pros for a grab-it-and-get-out meal to eat out of your hand while you search in vain for an A/C that is actually working properly. 

Presenting our top five sandwiches of the moment — each one also has the benefit of being grab-and-go, as well as cheap: 


5. Street Cart Doner, Spitz 

Questions of authenticity aside, the eating at Northeast's new Mediterranean "street food" joint Spitz is jovially enjoyable if you can relax into it. It's not the authentic, whole-cut doner kebabs we kinda wish it was. Instead, it's a highly branded, altogether likable unit of its very own. This "street cart doner" hugs a mashup of lamb or chicken, cabbage or romaine, tomato, onion, green pepper, and cuke, plus tzatziki and garlic aioli for extra slop factor, plus(!) fried lavash chips, because why not? 

While we can indeed find better, indie gyros and shawarma (i.e. Wallys, below) Spitz is the Hostess Cupcake to your grandma's German Chocolate. Sometimes, you just gotta have it. And, if you're any fan of downtown's Naf Naf Grill, another slick, chain-style take on Middle Eastern shawarma and falafel, know that Spitz has them categorically beat. Plus, Naf Naf doesn't have a most excellent mural of Prince emblazoned upon its walls. 

Spitz Mediterranean Street Food 
518 E. Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis 



4. Winnebago Sandwich at Wyn 65 

The "Winnebago Sandwich" from the Wyn 65 food truck has a lot of things going for it. First, it's the new darling sandwich of the moment, says me — seriously, keep a watch out for the fried baloney sandwich, which has its origins in Montreal, but it's popping up all over the place lately. 

Second, it's a great alternative to their fried chicken, which is also great, but a bit of a wait when you're on the move. And this sandwich is no also-ran. In fact, it's tough to choose which you'd rather have. (We chose both!) 

Third, this beauty boasts house-made baloney, so you don't have to feel so guilty about indulging in some kind of mystery meat. 

And finally: extra runny pimento cheese and super-duper squishy bun. Pair it with collard greens or Brussels sprouts for a bit of sanctimony. 



3. Indian and Tibetan Wraps from Himalayan Dinkytown 

Up until recently, it's only been Hot Indian who has thought to put Indian food into fast-casual form locally (we're still waiting breathlessly for someone, anyone, to open a Kati Roll shop around here). But The Himalayan has recently jumped into the fray, and now you can get their high-quality masalas, curries, and falafel in wrap form, gussied up the way you like. Hot tomato sauce, or equally hot-yet-cooling and herbaceous green, has just about got guacamole beat for our condiment of choice of the moment. 

Also: your choice of rice or veg; or of course, doff the wrap and have it bowl-style. If they start serving their venerable Aloo Tama soup, we may never leave. 

The Himalayan Dinkytown 
1415 Fourth St. SE, Minneapolis


2. Gyro from Wally's Falafel and Hummus 

Wally's on the East Bank has been keeping college kids well fed for a long time, but it's high time they relinquish their stronghold on this best-kept-secret and let the rest of us in on the fun. Wally's outstanding gyro is served in such generous proportions, it must be tackled with a fork until you've tidied away enough of its prodigiousness so that it may be transported from plate to mouth. 

It's an outstanding deal at $7.50, and it's easy to get addicted to its charms. But look away at least once, and give the chicken shawarma a try: sleeker, slimmer, but just as charming in a more understated, elegant package. 

Wally's Falafel and Hummus 
423 14th Ave. SE, Minneapolis



1. Dajaj chicken from Moroccan Flavors in the Midtown Global Market 

You might not know Moroccan Flavors thanks to its somewhat obscure location in the Midtown Global Market (in the old Sonora Taco space), and that's a shame. The arrival of all-scratch, all-natural, all-chef-driven North African cuisine by Hassan Ziadi is one of the best, little-known openings to happen all year. 

We like everything he does with the likes of grab-and-go tagines, tomato and cucumber salads, and grilled eggplant spread, but possibly our favorite way to have his cooking is tucked into French baguette. Choose kofta (think Mediterranean spiced meatball) or our favorite, the dajaj-marinated chicken, with actually tender chicken breast, marinated in "dajaj" — paprika, citrus, coriander, and fresh herbs.  A luxurious swipe of aioli is a crowning glory, plus tomato and red onion. 

The little pot of accompanying marinated olives is almost as delicious as the main event. French fries, a popular Moroccan street food, are on offer here for three bucks if you're still hungry for more. 

Moroccan Flavors 
Midtown Global Market 
920 E. Lake St., Minneapolis #126