Top 5 gins are a tonic for the boring cocktail

A gin for every occasion.  

A gin for every occasion.


Michelle Leon

It used to be that gin had a bad reputation because it so often tasted like a pine tree air freshener bought at a truck stop. As more cocktails are created using this juniper-based spirit, the shades and variations of flavors are becoming more distinct, and gin is turning out to be very fine to mix and imbibe. With the help of Patty, our favorite bartender at Ginger Hop, we sampled a great selection of specialty gins and are pleased to pass on our observations to you.    

1. Old Raj

Very floral scented, reminicent of Hendricks. This gin would be nice with cucumber, or mixed in a cocktail with similar floral flavors--but not so good in a martini. Old Raj has a touch of saffron, giving a layer of spice and a yellowish hue.

2. Right

Scented with spice, but with a strong black pepper finish. A gin that can be sipped straight, or would work well in many cocktails--especially with berry flavors.

3. Martin Miller's

Very spicy, full of cinnamon and cloves. A great gin to mix with fruit, herbs or other botanical flavors.

4. Bafferts

This gin is so clean and mellow it could easily be mistaken for vodka. Bafferts would make an incredibly smooth martini.  

5. Hayman's Old Tom

Old Tom is a slightly sweetened gin, heavy on the floral and herbs. It has a strong scent of alcohol at first, but a mellower finish.

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