Top 5: Foods NOT to eat when you're sick


Everyone's different with what they avoid eating when they're sick. Everyone seems to have a "The thought of _______ when I was sick just made it that much worse" story. Often it's the food itself that makes you sick. Pretty much everyone also has a "This one time, I got so sick after eating _______," typically forever eliminating that food from your diet, in sickness AND in health. For gag reflex inducement's sake, we thought we'd revisit some of the foods that serve the impressive dual purpose of making us double over pre-sickness as well as in the throes of sickness:

1. You kind of have to be in the right mood for eggs, and they're kind of hinky even in the best of circumstances. The smell also doesn't do much for them. So when you're sick, they're really pretty off-limits.

2. Fast food. McGangBang, anyone? Didn't think so. If you hesitate to entertain the idea of consuming something when you're robust and well, take it as a hint that you shouldn't eat it when you're sick. Now, hangovers are a different story.

3. Dairy. Just imagine some soft cheese or milk cozying up alongside all the bacteria and curdling in the warmth of your stomach.


4. Alcohol. Unless it's a Hot Toddy you're downing, introducing alcohol to your weakened body is probably not going to improve your situation. It's too acidic. So hold off on the White Russian until you're fully on the mend why don't you.

5. Anything with Olestra. Yeah, it's a safe bet that you might not want to indulge in anything that openly admits to causing "anal leakage" when you're sick. It's kinda adding insult to injury. Even though the fat-substitute has been banned in some countries, it's still showing up in some stuff, namely "fat-free" and "light" versions of potato chips.

There's some pretty funny threads on this topic. See what some of the folks over at Serious Eats and Chowhound have to say. What foods make you sick to your stomach, either pre- or mid-illness?