Top 5: Food-related Super Bowl ads


Is it just us, or were this year's Super Bowl ads pretty weak? Ok, so the Boost Mobile Super Bowl Shuffle reprise was pretty sweet. And Favre's self-mocking Hyundai commercial wasn't bad. But that Doritos commercial with the little kid slapping the letch who checked out his mom? Weird. Or the one with Danica Patrick getting a massage? Please. And those Denny's chickens? Those just don't make sense. Plus, where are all the celebs we've grown so used to seeing? The Super Bowl's all about high-powered celebrity endorsements. Are we actually supposed to be content with Charles Barkley's lame attempt at rapping, Betty White playing football, and T-Pain asking to "please pass the guacamole?" We were still able to weed some passable stuff out. The food ads, in general, were a cut above in general. Here's our Top 5 food-related ads from Super Bowl XLIV:

Betty White's done a terrific job of remaining relevant. Did you see her guest appearance on 30 Rock? You gotta admit, lady's still got it goin on. We like her sense of humor about herself, and the Snickers ad that aired right off the bat during Sunday's game is no exception.


Feeling a little hesitant about the tenuous associations this Dr. Pepper Cherry commercial makes -- one between the song lyrics "little kiss of love" and the weird unveiling of a band of dwarves in full Kiss regalia, the other between "Dr. Love," a.k.a. Gene Simmons, and Dr. Pepper -- but it's definitely hard to pass up any opportunity to see dudes (dwarves as well as full-grown) in silver platform boots.


Not sure it merits an entire minute, and maybe it's sad that the Simpsons sold out to Coke (?) (Plus, frankly, does Montgomery Burns merit that much kindness?) but it's funny to see Burns in four colors a la Warhol, Smithers getting carted off by Patty and Selma, and that twangy whistling tune sure is cute. We're sort of suckers for the "Open Happiness" tagline too. And Apu.


Except for the weird CareerBuilder groundhog, this was probable the most random Super Bowl ad, but that makes this commercial -- which is sort of strangely not for one product but two -- also one of the funniest. Don't know if it was the convincing wriggles of the human dolphins, the Borat-like "animal trainer," or the non-sensical slogan "Awesome + Awesome = Awesomer, but peanuts and popcorn sound pretty damn good.


Any use of Auto-Tune is good use of the Auto-Tune in our book, and this updated sidestep take on Bud's wildly popular "Wassup" ad from a few years back meets and totally exceeds its precursor. The woman's expression and flat "What are you doing?" when the dude stands up, grabs a Bud Light and says "Babyyy" is just absolutely priceless. T-Pain's cameo isn't bad either, as far as C-list celeb appearances go.

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