Top 5 food-related crafts on Etsy


With Thanksgiving behind us and the winter holidays ahead, we enter the weird in-between season better known as "four weeks of shopping." Arts and crafts online marketplace Etsy is always a good place to start if you're looking for a thoughtful present, but particularly good if you're seeking out something special for the foodie in your life. The Hot Dish found felted sugar snap peas in a pod and homemade salted caramels galore, but there were a few sellers who really got creative in their food-as-craft applications. Here are our top five favorites.

5. Avocado earrings. If you search for "avocado earrings" on Etsy, a surprising number of the results are for little polymer avocado charms like these rather than earrings that are simply that familiar '70s green color.

4. Felt foods crib mobile. Seller Jessica Nuccio will create a custom mobile for you featuring baby's (or your) favorite foods in felt. She also asks that buyers provide her with their "preferred level of anthropomorphism comfort." We think our requested food would be five foie gras meatballs from 112 Eatery.

3. Movie popcorn scarf. This listing is actually just for the pattern for this scarf, but obviously this wearable wool takes the popcorn stitch to a new extreme.

​2. Seafood pasta ring. Everything about this is completely nuts. First of all, it's a ring. It's a ring that has itty-bitty mussels and teeny circles of calamari on it. It's a ring that includes a floating fork. It's a ring that is part of a pair of rings that showcase different pasta dishes. Perhaps the craziest thing of about this ring is how much we want it.

1. Pizza sleeping bag. Easily one of the best incarnations of pizza we have ever seen, this cozy slice comes with veggie pillows. The seller also has listed a giant bean bag chair that looks like a baked potato, with a pat of butter as the head rest. She calls her work "comfort food," and we wouldn't mind a heaping helping.

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