Top 5 eggnog sweet treats in the Twin Cities

Eggnog and its myriad uses

Eggnog and its myriad uses

It's that time of year when people really get into their eggnog. And not just as a beverage fit for large punch bowls, dark rum, and getting naughty. It seems that chefs and cooks all around town start to put it in everything. Probably because Twin Cities eaters cannot get enough of the creamy goodness, it adds to beverages and foods.

Hot Dish decided to check out the trend and try some local eggnogged items outside of those that belly up to the bar. After a dogged search, we came up with some favorites that definitely reveal our sweet tooth. Here are our Top 5 sweet eggnog treats. See if you agree with our choices.


5. Eggnog Ice Cream: Sebastian Joe's

It's creamy, it's dreamy--basically it's like frozen eggnog, albeit nonalcoholic. And, you can enjoy it in Linden Hills or Uptown.
4. Eggnog Latte: Seven Stars Coffeehouse

You're hanging out at your independent Edina coffee shop, nibbling on a homemade bagel (seriously), and the only thing that could make it better is a tasty holiday beverage. This is no chain, so you can count on your latte being made with real eggnog (not powder), Roastery 7 espresso, and love.
3. Eggnog Bread: Great Harvest Bread Co.

We admit it--sometimes we take quick breads for granted. But after tasting this lovely loaf we changed our tune. Toast a yellow, spice-flecked slice and spread some butter on it for maximum eating pleasure. It sure goes down well with a morning coffee.
2. Eggnog Custard: Liberty Custard

We're a sucker for the "one night only" aspect of Liberty's flavor calendar. Their famed eggnog flavor makes its final one day showing before the holidays on Christmas Eve. If you love the custard and have a fever for the flavor of eggnog--then save the date.

1. Eggnog Panna Cotta: Grand Cafe


Stop what you are doing and run to Grand Cafe to find the definitive eggnog treat. Seriously. The panna cotta is tender, creamy, and served with brandied caramel, pistachio shortbread, and a clementine salad of sorts. It was like a delicious eggnog cloud on a plate.