Top 5 edible stadiums for your Super Bowl party

​Chips. Dips. Lil' Smokies. Along with chili, beer, and something mixed with Velveeta in a crock pot, these are the staples of the Super Bowl diet. Perhaps you are planning on getting fancy with crudités, canapes, and blended drinks but have you thought about your game day centerpiece yet? If you're considering making one that's edible, scrap the tower of football shaped cupcakes with royal icing laces (you did that last year, everyone knows) and really go all out with a snack food stadium.

With their beef stick goal posts, walls made of Rice Krispies Treats, and cilantro-topped turf, here, in no particular order, are five of the best edible stadiums that the internet has to offer.
This impressive edible fortress uses a flat aluminum pan spread with sections of salsa, queso dip, and guacamole as a base, and cheese-topped hot dog pieces as players on the field. Various snack mixes are held together by a retaining wall made of Twinkies which the site refers to as "nature's brick." This particular structure is notable for its "pliable bacon wall", which is absent from most other examples. The real kicker is the inclusion of the football shaped blimp, which is actually a 20 oz. summer sausage. 

Serious Eats, the food-centered blog network that produced the endlessly readable A Hamburger Today and Slice, their traveling pizza site, went for a centerpiece with a little more finesse. By using a sturdier base of refried black beans and the know-how of a staffer with a degree in architecture, this edible stadium supports rows of bagel chip fans up in the stands and olive helmeted players. The lettering in the end zones and the yard lines on the cilantro-dressed field are all expertly piped in thick sour cream. You'll need a fine tip on the pastry bag for this one.

TIWYF, the blog that shares mind-blowingly over-the-top recipes like bacon-wrapped meatloaf with a macaroni and cheese center, borrows their basic blueprint from Holy Taco's, but includes the important addition of heavy duty stadium siding via large blocks of Rice Krispies Treats. The Vienna sausage players seem to have a hard time staying upright, but putting the cake pan underneath it all makes for easy cleanup...just in case this whole thing doesn't get finished.

The sheer scale of this thing is just incredible. With flood lights strapped to plastic drinking straws, concession stands (we think) made of full size hoagies, and more gummy candy and pretzel twist fans than you could shake a stick at,'s edible stadium might just take the take. We especially love the use of the chocolate bar as the score board and the tator tots stacked up behind the end zone.

The internet can't seem to identify the original creator of this deli-meat laden stadium, but Westword featured it and we couldn't leave it off of this list. Half of the structure is made of full pre-made sandwiches, leaving us to wonder whether the whole thing would fall apart, Jenga-style, if you took one away. Perhaps it's safer to just make your own from the outside rolls of turkey, roast beef, and ham. 

Planning to make your own edible stadium? Take pictures and tell us about it! Click Email Author on this page.

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