Top 5 dog-friendly patios in the Twin Cities

Of the many reasons to love summer in Minnesota, one of the best is that it's outdoor dining season. Many restaurants offer terrific patio setups, and many realize that their customers often like to include pets in their outdoor activities and don't want to leave them behind when happy hour calls.

Whether it's brunch or happy hour, dinner or a late-night snack, here are our choices for the best patios for dogs and people alike.

5. Joe's Garage

Top 5 dog-friendly patios in the Twin Cities

How can you go wrong with a place where you can dine out with your dog and have mashed potatoes for breakfast? The sidewalk patio is, of course, pet friendly, but if you feel like looking out onto the Basilica while you're eating, feel free to walk your puppy through the restaurant and up to Joe's huge rooftop patio. All dogs will be greeted with treats, water, ice, and plenty of head scratches.

4. Pizzeria Lola

Top 5 dog-friendly patios in the Twin Cities
Photo by Pizzeria Lola

Not many things could be more endearing than a business named after a beloved pet. While Lola can be exceptionally busy, the pizza and the patio are well worth the wait. The handmade cedar picnic tables are spacious and comfortable, with plenty of room for your pup to rest at your feet while you're enjoying your dinner. After your dog has gobbled up the complimentary treats from the staff, take them over to the special water station and let them rehydrate.

3. W.A. Frost and Company

Thankfully, one of the most incredible patios in the Twin Cities is dog friendly. If you have an elegant sort of dog that enjoys the finer things in life, W.A. Frost is the place for you. In addition to the regular dining tables, the patio at Frost features comfortable couches and fireplaces where many a pup has curled up while their owners lingered over cocktails. On particularly hot days, your pet might even get a homemade frozen treat from the kitchen.

2. Lucia's Restaurant and Wine Bar

At Lucia's, humans aren't the only ones who get to enjoy local, organic, and beautifully crafted food. Pooches dining on this patio are treated to biscuits made from Lucia's house-made chicken stock. If that wasn't enough, Lucia's patio also boasts a custom-built "Dog Bar," a glass-tiled fountain that not only looks cool but provides fresh, cold water at dog level.

1. Galaxy Drive-In

Top 5 dog-friendly patios in the Twin Cities
Photo by Galaxy Drive In

Located in the former Wagner's space, the Galaxy Drive-In invites you to come have an "intergalactic, retrofuturistic, and pet-friendly dining experience." If you don't know what to make of that, don't worry--all you need to know is that your dogs will have a great time. Every dog visitor gets a cute, puppy-size vanilla ice cream cone. If you really want to spoil your pet, the menu has a "Doggie Treat" section that includes biscuits ($1), burgers ($2.25), and all-beef hot dogs ($2.25).

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374 Selby Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55102


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1610 Harmon Place
Minneapolis, MN 55403


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