Top 5 dishes to keep you warm

Step out the door to melt away the cold

Step out the door to melt away the cold

Last night, a certain local weatherman announced, "Welcome to the coldest 48 hours of winter."


But don't hibernate in your Snuggie quite yet. Here are five delicious reasons to go out and stay warm.


5. Kimchi chigae at Hoban Pickled with heaps of chili pepper, kimchi by itself is spicy enough to make you sweat. But make it into kimchi chigae, the bubbling, red-hot cauldron of soul-satisfying soup with pork and tofu, and you've got yourself an insurance against the cold.

HOBAN1989 Silver Bell Rd., Eagan 651-688-3447; website

4. Chocolate soup with coconut, cinnamon, and hot pepper oil at Piccolo Don't settle for a plain cup of hot chocolate when you can have this steamy dessert at one of the most exciting restaurants in town. A creamy dollop of custard is surrounded by Valrhona hot chocolate. Spiked with a dash of hot pepper oil, this dessert makes Minnesota winter worth surviving.

Fiery kimchi chigae at Hoban

Fiery kimchi chigae at Hoban

PICCOLO4300 Bryant Ave., Minneapolis 612-827-8111; website

3. Mi Bo Kho (stewed beef and sliced carrots curry) at Quang Restaurant It can be difficult to navigate away from the tempting pho options at Quang. But on a bone-chilling cold day, try their Mi Bo Kho, a rich, spicy beef and vegetable curry over noodles or with a side of French baguette. Curry spices are known to improve blood circulation, keeping you toasty warm all the way to your fingertips.

QUANG RESTAURANT2719 Nicollet Ave. S., Minneapolis 612-870-4739; website

2. Manhattan at Bradstreet Craftshouse The Manhattan is a great winter cocktail, and the talented mixologists of Bradstreet do a great version of it with Wild Turkey 101, Dolin Sweet Vermouth, and Angostura bitters. Have a couple and you can march out in the cold night without feeling any pain.

BRADSTREET CRAFTSHOUSE601 1st Ave. N., Minneapolis 612-312-1821; website

1. Tomato basil soup at Turtle Bread Tomato soup may be one of the best comfort foods around. Turtle Bread's version has a touch of cream and cayenne pepper, making it a customer favorite. Dip a hunk of crusty bread in this bowl of goodness and you will be feeling warm and restored in no time.

TURTLE BREAD4762 Chicago Ave., Minneapolis 612-823-7333; website