Top 5 cures for the back-to-work blues

Is it too early to think about happy hour?  There's something about returning to work after a long weekend that makes even a short week drag, and by hump day you're ready for a break. If you're trapped in a cubicle next to the guy who laughs like Eddie Murphy on goofballs, and your Outlook calendar reminders are pinging like a Price Is Right game, grab your best work buddies and hit the nearest bar for quick employment therapy hour. Here are five places that can save your sanity.

1. Bradstreet Crafthouse: Negroni
Named one of the Top 10 Best Cocktail bars in America by Bon Appetit magazine, these drink specialtists know how to make a perfectly crafted, elegant cocktail. Order a Negroni and watch them work their magic. Savor the herbaceous gin and the vermouth flavors against the bright, sour bitters and Campari. Tart, cutting, and the perfect comeback to the banal work existence.

2. Tom Pham's Wonderous Azian Kitchen: The scene

Tom Pham's remodel of the once dismal restaurant space is a fantasia of cool.  Slide up to the bar that faces Hennepin. The slick red walls, black bar, and flattering gold lighting is east meets west meets so very right now. Enjoy a little sake and work on your superiority complex. 

3. Monte Carlo: Wings

Spicy, salty, savory, and sweet, these shatteringly crisp wings are meaty enough that you can savor them along side an expertly mixed martini, but small enough that you can get your own basket. When the weather is warm, enjoy the sprawling patio and take advantage of the great people-watching.

4. Restaurant Max: Non-alcoholic cocktails

Happy hour doesn't have to mean heavy booze and deep-fried munchies. The bar at Restaurant Max has a number of nonalcoholic signature drinks on the lunch menu that can also be requested for some after-work unwinding without worrying you'll end up under a table somewhere. Try the East of Oregon, with fizzy seltzer spiked with raspberries, pineapple juice, and zesty cardamon.

5.) Lyon's Pub: Rock 'n' roll
Reasonably priced beer in giant dimpled glasses with a little Led Zep blaring overhead, Lyon's Pub can easily turn the good-time meter up to 11. On warm evenings they peel back the front doors and let the night move in. Enjoy free popcorn and the chance to request Paradise City direct from the DJ.  Release your inner David Lee Roth.

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