Top 5 Christmas cookies to pass off as your own

If you haven't knocked out your Christmas cookies yet this season, well, you might be feeling a little screwed right now. Luckily we at the Hot Dish take a fake-it-instead-of-bake-it approach to cookies, which makes us especially qualified to guide you to the best locations for cookies you can easily pass off as your own.

Size matters at Marissa's
Size matters at Marissa's

1. Marissa's Bakery Ok, we'll be honest: no one is going to believe you baked these big-as-your-head cookies. But when your guests see the size of these big, buttery cookies -- be they covered in sprinkles or dotted with M&Ms -- they won't care that you're a big, fat liar. Marissa's charges just $.75 per cookie, so you can load up on the off chance that someone will be able to take down more than just one.

2. Lunds and Byerlys Lunds and Byerlys makes for a good mix-and-match selection. For just $4.99 you can pick up a tub of mini peppermint cookies or mini chocolate krinkles, or go big with a party platter ($14.99) that mixes the aforementioned cookies along with Italian almond and spritz cookies so everyone's needs are met. Of course, you can always cop out and pick up a loaf of fruit cake ($9.99) if you really don't want people sticking around for dessert.

3. Butter Bakery Butter is the bakery to hit up when you're catering to an eclectic crowd of cookie lovers: pick up the lemon and carrot cake whoopie pies ($2.50 each) for the tots; the almond vegan cookie for your hippie aunt; classic chocolate chip and molasses for your grandpa; a Rice Krispie treat ($1.75) with festive seasonal sprinkles for your socially stunted brother; and a solid block of fudge for mom.

Tarje Boutique cookies
Tarje Boutique cookies

4. and 5. Target Target takes up two spaces because they offer two good options for the cookie impaired: a kit of pre-made Christmas cut-outs that you can ice and decorate yourself for $6.99 -- this is about as close to DIY you can get without turning on your oven -- and a tray of various Christmas cookies (think sugar, sprtiz, and the like) for just $3.99.

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