Top 5: Chinese New Year dining options


If you were too busy buying last-minute mylar balloons and giant, outsized stuffed teddy bears last Sunday, you may have missed out on the fact that it was also Chinese New Year. The Year of the Ox became Year of the Tiger. But don't fret. There's still time to milk something good out of the holiday. Here's our Top 5 ongoing Chinese New Year dining options:

1. Rainbow Chinese goes all out for Chinese New Year and makes up a special, tailored menu. Here's what they've got going on this year, available through Feb. 28:

Eye of the Tiger Blended whisky and house made orange-ginger-cinnamon syrup with a splash of cava. $8

New Year Dumplings Pan fried shrimp, chive and jicama. $7

Ham and Cheese Egg Rolls Tuscan ham, gruyere cheese, sushi rice, and jalapeno peppers in a crisp wrapper. $6

Hot Pepper Cured Salmon Norwegian salmon cured with hot peppers and spices, served with plum cilantro chutney over julienned celery. $8


Tangerine Beef Thin sliced beef, crisp fried with a tangerine, kumquat, ginger, and rock sugar sauce. $8

Temple Vegetables Stir fry of lily flowers, napa cabbage, peapods, cellophane noodles, carrots, and lotus root. $7

East Garden Rice Black jasmine rice stir fried with leek and diced taro root and topped with roasted, sliced almonds. $6

Eight-treasure rice pudding Sweet rice with raisins, red beans, mung beans, black currants, figs, sesame seeds, and coconut cream. $6

2. A little weak compared to Rainbow, but hey, it's lobster. Dinkytown fave Shuang Cheng will be serving up whole lobsters for $16.95 for "a few weeks."

3. Like Rainbow, St. Paul's Little Szechuan's got a whole menu in honor of the new year, which it will be serving "until the end of March or so." Here's some details:

  • Garlic roasted chicken. $12.95
  • Steamed fish heads with chili paste and three kinds of pepper. $14.95
  • Spicy flounder soup with Szechuan peppercorns. $13.95
  • Twice-cooked pork, stir-fried and spicy
  • Deep-fried whole fish with pine nut. $22.95
  • Chicken stuffed with taro and peppers. $11.95

4. Now that's hard to beat, but Peking Garden swears its got lots more fresh seafood -- like lobster and crab -- available now than usual for the new year.

5. Grand Shanghai wants you to celebrate with friends. The restaurant's offering prix fixe banquet-style eats for groups of 6-10 for about $26 per person featuring 8-14 dishes for "the next couple of weeks. Here are some of them:

  • Chicken corn soup
  • Seafood bird nest -- like a seafood hot pot, with shrimp, mussels, squid, bok choi, broccoli, peapods, and scallops -- in a "nest" made of rice
  • Assorted appetizer tray -- choose three of five: mock goose, beef, smoked fish, wine chicken, and jellyfish
  • Crispy roast duck
  • Sole with vegetables
  • Tender greens with black mushrooms
  • Eight treasures sweet rice

Happy Year 4708!