Top 5: Childhood lunchbox treats


All the kids are back in school now. It's always kind of a nostalgic time of year, no? It's been making us think about our favorite -- and most memorable -- lunchbox foods, emphasis on memorable rather than on favorite. Let us take you back. Here's our Top 5:

1) Lunchables. Remember when these all-in-one packs used to just come with cheese, crackers and those perfectly sliced pieces of meat? Now they come in all sorts of combos -- pizza, hot dogs, burgers ...

2) Little Debbies. Star Crunch, Oatmeal Pies, Nutty Bars, the list goes on and on. How much fun was it to peel away the outer layer of the Swiss Cake Rolls, then slowly chisel away at the cake?

3) Capri Sun. Raise your hand if at least half the time you stabbed the straw all the way through. There used to be only a few flavors, but like Lunchables, there are now like a thousand different ones. And kiwi strawberry's still overrated.

4) Frito Lay Variety Snack Pack. A cold lunch staple, but never enough! A baggie full of pretzels just didn't stand up next to these guy, though Planters Cheez Balls could come close.

5) Carl Buddig Meat. Nothing favorite about this one, but memorable no doubt, the uniformly gray-ish humps of ... "lunch meat."