Top 5 Cheeseburgers for National Cheeseburger Day

Happy National Cheeseburger Day!
Happy National Cheeseburger Day!
Courtesy of the Neato's Burgers website.

The hamburger is a solid dish, but slap a slice of cheese on it and you have yourself an American institution. We were happy to learn that today is National Cheeseburger Day,  a perfect excuse to tuck into our favorite burgers. Here are the local cheeseburgers we'll be celebrating today.

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Top 5 Cheeseburgers for National Cheeseburger Day

5. Neato's Burgers

Tune into the oldies station because these cheeseburgers are a throw-back to a Happy Days era. There was a time before Elvis' pelvis made him a king, going steady was a thing, and perky young ladies skated trays of food out to cars. Neato's rides a wave of nostalgia most of us are too young to remember, but it's easy to see how these sandwiches revolutionized the way Americans ate. Each burger is served on a delightfully squishy bun, its thin beef patty cooked to perfection with just a hint of pink in the center and layered atop a tart, crunchy pickle, and some raw onion; the entire thing is glued together by a perfect, orange slice of American cheese. That they're served with those addictive duck fat fries doesn't hurt. One bite of this baby and all is right with the world.

Top 5 Cheeseburgers for National Cheeseburger Day
Courtesy of the Haute Dish Facebook page.

4. Haute Dish
Critically acclaimed chefs in town may spend the work day re-inventing fine dining, but many of them are equally happy to head home or to their local dive bar to suck down a meal of straight-forward classics. No one brings together the worlds of modern cuisine and bar food favorites like Landon Schoenefeld. The Chef's Burger is served as it's stated on the menu, substitutions non grata. You're going to get this bad boy cooked the way the kitchen would like it: A bloody, medium rare, juicy, topped with the requisite yellow cheese oozing down the sides, and adorned with jalapeno pickles.


Top 5 Cheeseburgers for National Cheeseburger Day
Courtesy of the 5-8 Club Facebook page.

3. The Jucy Lucy at Matt's Bar and the Juicy Lucy 5-8 Club
We'll wade carefully into the controversy over the best cheese-stuffed burger. You might call it a cop-out, but we're wise enough to know that Minneapolis just wouldn't be the same without either of these classics. Both the Jucy Lucy at Matt's Bar and the Juicy Lucy at 5-8 Club bring a pile of beef flavor cooked on a fabulously seasoned grill, and both pack a wallop of molten cheese. While Matt's has a more reasonably sized burger, the 5-8 Club's burger is a hunger-banisher. Together, these two set the bar for all other inside-out cheeseburgers, and no one else nails that balanced cheese-to-meat ratio.. With any number of Juicy Lucy imposters, the cheese could squirt out the back, leaving you to piece together what was almost a perfect meal. In the hands of these pros, you'll always have a perfect cheeseburger.

Top 5 Cheeseburgers for National Cheeseburger Day
Courtesy of the Victory 44 Facebook page.

2. Victory 44
Naming your burger the "perfect burger" is a bold move. Fortunately, Chef Erick Harcey and his staff have the cooking chops to back it up. A fat hunk of coarsely ground beef with a bit of pork belly mixed into the grind is grilled on a cooktop, and then assembled with a handful of sweet house-made pickles, a swipe of bright and creamy Dijonaise, and large squares of American cheese. The layers are set atop a bun from Rustica that shines like an amber-colored brioche jewel. We could fawn over the side of fries with bacon powder, but the cheeseburger is impressive enough to stand alone.

Top 5 Cheeseburgers for National Cheeseburger Day

1. Borough
These new kids on the block opened with a burger that left fans divided: Some loved it, others poked fun at the white cheese fondue. Nick O'Leary and Tyler Shipton went back to their kitchen lab and when they returned, the carnivorous world took a knee and hailed the newly crowned king of all beef gooiness. The key? What ties all of these great burgers together? American cheese. The super juicy meat laced with garlic and a whisper of herb flavor, is charred to crisp perfection, and then layered with a white cheese that melts all your concerns away. It's then placed upon a fluffy white bun, lightly toasted on the top with the proper reverence. It's cheeseburger heaven.

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