Top 5: Best things I ate at the fair

Top 5: Best things I ate at the fair

Frozen Apple Cider Pops = delish!

My fair food consumption was fairly focused this year. Looking back it seems crazy, but I bypassed both the cheese curds and the mini-donuts (though, in all honesty, I prefer the mini d's at Chef Shack and the curds at Town Talk, and you can get those anytime). Here's my list of the five best things I ate at the fair--feel free to add yours to the comments...

5) Lefse at Lynne's (Food Building) Okay, I know it seems like a stupid thing to get at the fair, but this lefse is so awesome--hand-rolled by Countryside Lefse in Blair, Wisconsin, made with real potatoes (many mfg use instant)--that it inspired me pick up a package of the stuff at the Wedge the next day, even if Christmas is still four months off. Also, I realized that I usually eat my lefse cold, straight from the fridge, and that it tastes better when it's absorbed some of the body heat and humidity generated by the Food Building crowds. 4) Chokecherry Minne-Soda from Renewing the Countryside (outside the Progress/Eco Bldg) This may be the best thirst-quencher I've found at the fair--its sweet/tart balance coming from chokecherries (they taste a little like cranberries) picked by members of the Red Lake Nation tribe.

3) Roasted Sweet Corn (Dan Patch/Nelson): Again, it seems silly to buy something you can make at home, but this may very well be the best cob you'll have all summer--super sweet and fresh. And you'll feel a lot better afterward than if you'd eaten the deep-fried Snickers.

2) Frozen Apple Cider Pops (Ag/Horticulture Building): Another great hot-weather refreshment that totally put me in the mood for fall. 1) Nitro Ice Cream and Honey-Sunflower Ice Cream (Food Building, Ag/Horticulture Building): This turned into a top 6 list when I decided I couldn't leave either of these out. Due to its high-tech flash freezing process, Nitro ice cream is the smoothest stuff I've ever tasted: it's like licking silk, or high-gloss varnish, or the surface of a glassy lake. I can't believe we let Blue Sky on Lake Street go out of business....The honey-sunflower has a golden sweetness that's a nice alternative to vanilla--and the seeds add a tasty crunch.

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