Top 5 best Halloween costumes for foodies

Halloween may have candy and pumpkins, but it isn't known as a food holiday the way Thanksgiving, say, or even Valentine's Day are. But food lovers who generally have one thing on their mind every other day of the year don't make an exception for October 31. While others may go as zombies or vampires or Rick Perry, foodies will predictably be dressing up as comestibles.

We wanted to see what other food-obsessed people are going as this year. Here are some of the funniest, wackiest, and most original costumes we found.

5. Tony the Tiger

Accessorize this with a box of Frosted Flakes and you're sure to be the hit of the party. It's instantly recognizable and evokes fond childhood memories. The only drawback is that your fellow Halloween partygoers will no doubt be setting you up all night with questions just so they can hear the famous catchphrase: "Hey, Tony, what do you think of the appetizers?" "Hey, Tony, what do you think of our costumes?"

4. Dinner Table

This costume gets extra credit for originality, but you might have a hard time driving to the party in it. On the plus side, you'll be meeting new friends all night when they mistake you for the buffet table.

3. Mr. Potato Head

Maybe we're just on a nostalgia kick, but Mr. Potato Head is a winner. We only hope the costume comes with interchangeable parts.

2. Minnesota-Themed Food

Actually, we can't decide if we love or hate this one, but the Spam get-up does have the Minnesota thing going for it. We hear this costume is inexplicably popular in Hawaii.

If you want to stay local, try the General Mills Green Giant, though we warn you that not everyone can pull this off.

1. Lobster

It's elaborate, it's attention-getting, and what's funnier than a grown man dressed like a giant crustacean? For even more laughs at your Halloween party, try wearing it in the hot tub. Bonus: It also comes in a kid's version:

Tomorrow: The top 5 worst food costumes

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