Top 5: Back-to-school lunchboxes

Lunchboxes were always kind of a big deal in elementary school, at least for us superficial types. Between that and the Paul Frank folders and Trapper Keepers and tightrolling our pants at recess where Sr. Elizabeth wouldn't see, it was quite the tough life. School's starting back up in next few weeks the and if things are anything like they used to be, lunchbox anxiety is building. Here's our Top 5 lunchboxes for the new school year:

1. The Handmade: How cute is this, from Etsy? And only $6! Lunchboxes like these are totally ubiquitous -- Pottery Barn has tons -- and are totally passable.

2. The Retro: Get your kid the same Garfield lunchbox you had. Ebay has a ton. Or just have fun remembering Smurfs and Gremlins and Super Mario Brothers yourself.

3. The Just-Like-Dad (circa, what, like 1961?): It's fun to imagine who might lug one of these around and what they might put in them. Many many meatloaf sandwiches?

4. The Hipster: Any kids out there carrying around tiffin boxes yet? We predict they're the new black.

5. The Paper Bag: At some point it becomes deeply unhip to carry a lunch box. At that point, the paper bag -- the more grease spots and the more well-used the better -- becomes the only way to go.

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